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j0439558If you completed Exam Week or plan to complete it through make-ups, you will be receiving a report card.  I am sending them out slowly over the next week, and many of you have already gotten yours.

You may have guessed that we would not have done Exam Week without ulterior motives.  We wanted to collect all of this data on you so that we can have informed Counseling Sessions (student-teacher conferences).  If you have received your report card, you should speak with a coach about setting up a Counseling Session.

Most of you are entitled to a Counseling Session once a quarter but many have not taken advantage of this perk.  During a Counseling Session you sit down one-on-one with a coach to discuss your goals for the next few months.  The coach helps you to draw up a plan, often with assigned homework, and you and the coach agree on deadlines for goals.

When you first start CrossFit, your main goal is the survive each WOD, but we know that most of you are out of survival mode.  What is after survival mode?  How can you keep that steep curve of progress now that you are a better athlete?  The answers to these questions are highly individual.  We have taken care of one part- assessment of your current CrossFit capacity during Exam Week.  The other component is addressed when we sit down with you to speak about your personal goals.

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