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There are two sides to CrossFit.  There is the physical and there is the mental side.  The thing that differentiates CrossFit from P90X, Zumba, and Yoga is the courage and the resolve needed to do it in the first place.

CrossFit places everyone out of their comfort zone at some point.  This pushing of personal boundaries lets CrossFitters safety explore their capabilities, and everyone can always do and face more than they expected.  This is one of the most empowering aspects of CrossFit.  It is not just that you work your way to getting your first kipping pull-up or deadlifting twice your body weight; the real magic is that you are able to complete these things regardless of your own initial disbelief.

Saturday I was honored to witness an incredible display of courage and resolve at the Furious Five Partner Competition.  I say it in all of our athletes there.  Millan did her share of the pull-ups on the partner WOD; Edith carried her team on the 95 pound thrusters; Tabitha got two super-tall rope climbs having only learned them the day before; Jake and Cody 2 ran an extra-fast 2 miles with that barbell; Chuck conquered the one-armed overhead squat; Alex performed major feats of strength on the rope; Chase pushed through a grueling row to finish the competition; Cody made rope climbs and 135 pound ground to overhead look like nothing; and of course, Johna made it over that wall!

When you look up CrossFit on the Internet, it looks incredibly physically challenging (okay, it is); CrossFit requires skill in the ten basic physical aspects: strength, stamina, agility, balance, coordination, power, speed, accuracy, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility.  What you cannot see, what you must experience for yourself, are the mental aspects of CrossFit: courage, discipline, determination, positive attitude, confidence, focus and resilience, and our competitors had those in abundance.

All the fears and obstacles that we overcome- sometimes daily- in the gym and at competitions collates into a truly strong individual.

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