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Bring a friendAs most of you know, we are hosting an Epic Bring a Friend Event from January 10th-12th. I have had a few questions about WODAPOLOOZA, so I thought I would put this out to everyone.

FAQ 1: Can I bring someone I have brought before?
Answer: Yes!

FAQ 2: Can I bring the same person all three days?
Answer: Yes!

FAQ 3:  Can I bring more than one person to one class?
Answer: Yes!

FAQ 4: Can a friend of mine attend a class that I will not be attending?
Answer: Yes!

FAQ 5: Is the schedule the regularly programmed schedule?
Answer: Yes… well sort of. All classes on all three days, Jan 10th, 11th and 12th are programmed with WODAPOLOOZA WODs, and your guests are welcome to any and all. Stretch class is cancelled on Thursday, Jan 10th as an entire partner stretch class is not exactly ‘fun’.

FAQ 5: What are the WODs?
Answer: Nice try, but I am not revealing the WODs. If you remember Saturdays of old, they will be somewhat like that. They are partner WODs where the movements are not terribly complicated. They are a good workout and the rep schemes and rules usually allow the CrossFitter to do more work than the Non-CrossFitter if need be. We will have scaling as always. Trust us, we will not kill your friends.

We are hosting this event for fun. Partner WODs are fun. Sharing is fun. Lots of people sweating in one place together is fun. We would love to see every class with more than one guest. Our routine guest days allow you to bring a friend, but the appeal of WODAPOLOOZA is that your guest does not have to be the only newbie in the room that day!

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