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ComfortZone-GraphicYour comfort zone is stifling you.  Now, most of you who have walked into a CrossFit have willingly put yourself out of your comfort zone.  Unfortunately, the first time you walk in the box door is not the last time you should be uncomfortable.

When you first came to CrossFit, you knew something was lackng, and you went in search of a better way to get fit.  The results you saw were amazing because you were fully out of your comfort zone for at least a month.  If you have been CrossFitting for  more than 3 months, you probably feel very comfortable will several movements and WODS.  I know I love WODs with pull-ups, lunges, wall climbs, push jerk, rowing and sit ups.  I can really do well in those WODs.  I am less happy to run, do double unders or, well, run.

I am not saying that you should not enjoy your new mastery, but to move forward you need to purposely put yourself outside of your comfort zone.  Don’t skip WODs with double unders and runs- embrace them.  The reason you got better so quickly in the beginning is due to the fact that nothing was in your comfort zone.  You had to adapt and quickly.

If you really want to improve, you need to write down two things you hate to do at the box and make a plan to do them every time you come in.  I am not talking about two things you want to do- like Muscle ups and Handstand push ups;  I am referring to movements that make you cringe when you see them in a WOD.  Progress is fueled by your willingness to embrace the your movement nemesis-  Overhead Squats anyone?

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