And the Games Begin!

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5a2c29bb9cb6a3d45516bbbcc991e60aWednesday is the beginning of the Individual events for the CrossFit Games.   The first day seems to have a nautical theme:

Event 1:

10 rounds for time of:
Swim 25 yards
3 Bar muscle-ups
Swim 25 yards

Time Cap: 25 minutes

Event 2 and 3:

For time:
Row 21,097 meters (a half marathon, yes, on the rower)

Row 1 will end at the 2,000 meter checkpoint. Athletes will receive points based on their times at this point. There is no scheduled rest at the checkpoint as the race continues.

Row 2 will be scored by the total time to finish the entire 21,097 meters. Finishing order at the 2K checkpoint (Row 1) will have no bearing on the scoring for Row 2.

Time Cap: 2 hours for Men, 2 hours 10 minutes for Women

You can view the coverage schedule at the CrossFit Games website.

Make sure to at least check out the leader boards on Wednesday and Friday, so you can make your top 3 predictions on Saturday’s and Sunday’s WODs!

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