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Everyone is doing a great job at coming to the appropriate level of class, but there has been some confusion about the difference between the levels of classes and the levels of WODs.  For many WODs there are three variants to correspond to three different levels.  They are loosely based on class level, but they are not prohibitive.  Here are some guidelines and suggestions about the different WOD levels you might find in an All Levels Class:

Yes, the X-W-O-D! Previously, we have been calling this simply WOD, but we think that this is a misnomer that is leading to much of the confusion. The XWOD is xtreme (I hate spelling words like this but X is so cool). It is for students in the Advanced class, those testing Firebreather during exam week,and upper-level intermediate athletes. Upper level intermediate athletes ALWAYS Rx the IWODs and all Girl-named WODs (see below). The XWOD is the next level, and it is geared to those interested in outside competitions or just like an extreme challenge.

This is really what we would consider the WOD. This is a solid place for any CrossFitter. In fact, if you never want to compete and you are in this for longevity- the IWOD is where you would stay, maybe attempting an XWOD that fell in your wheelhouse every now and again. There is nothing watered down about this WOD. Athletes who have passed the Level 1 test should be doing the IWODs.

These are WODs designed to progress beginners to the next levels. They are programmed with skill and performance level in mind. This is a great place to cement your fundamental movements so that your progress is safe and efficient. This is also a good alternative for those who have injuries or physical limitations as well as those who have taken breaks and need to ease back into it.

Each level of WOD has RX weights and movements. This does not mean that you will not be scaling weights even in the XWOD. Your coaches are there to help you choose the correct level of WOD and scale to make sure that you are getting the physiological stress intended by the programming. If you skip levels too soon or stay to long at a level, your progress with be stunted. If you have any questions about WOD levels and scaling, ask your coach!

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