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If you have never done a diet challenge you NEED to sign up!

Firebird is a safe haven where normal individuals come and gather to workout. We have a common interest of fitness but we also have a common interest in being healthy.

Although our coaches can harp on you at the gym and encourage you to eat clean the reality is once you leave the gym you are free to do whatever you want.

Whether you are interested in doing the Zone track or the Paleo track, both will benefit your health in more ways than you could imagine. Last challenge’s winner was Bekah Jennings and when asked what she learned this was her resonse. “Putting my eating habits under a microscope allowed me to see where I was sabotaging my health and well-being. I developed some guidelines for myself that help me be accountable to myself. I felt more empowered to make good food choices for myself and my family.

Not only will this challenge benefit you, but as Bekah stated it can also benefit your family. Maybe your spouse or parents or roommates don’t attend the gym but that doesn’t mean they can partake in the challenge with you. Once you start eating clean and take a stand on healthy living then others will begin to follow.

Remember if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. I would hate to see any of my fellow CrossFitters fall for a silly lie such as “I can eat crappy as long as I continue to WOD.” The truth is YOU CAN’T OUT-WOD A CRAPPY DIET!!!

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