CrossFit Games 2014

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The CrossFit Games began in 2007. Each year there has been new equipment, better athletes, and even more outrageous WODs. However, what they are testing has always been the same… FITNESS! This test is intriguing more and more athletes and the stakes get higher each year. What once started out as a small community of people getting together on their friend’s ranch has now turned into a global competition that is broadcasted on ESPN and the winner takes home a quarter of a million dollars!

The three time defending champion Rich Froning is competing to win his fourth CrossFit Games in a row. Athlete veterans such as Jason Kalipa, Ben Smith, Josh Bridges, and many others will be attempting to knock him off the podium but Froning will not go without a fight. Will Froning four-peat? We will find out this weekend.

The women’s competition has become very interesting this year. The 2013 CrossFit Games champion, Sam Briggs, has not qualified! A few other top athletes also did not qualify. This can mean one of two things but most likely it is a combination of both. The top athletes did not train hard this year and the “up-and-comers” were really hungry! Staying under the radar until regionals I’m sure these women are anxious to test their fitness among the best. Without the champion returning, the podium is up for grabs. However, athletes will have to go through Annie Thorisdottir first. She did not compete last year due to a back injury but has made a healthy recovery and sealed a spot for this year’s Games. With her winning the 2011 and 2012 Games many eyes will be on her! Other notable athletes are: Lauren Fisher, Valerie Voboril, and Alessandra Pichelli. Will one of these names be crowned the Fittest on Earth? We will find out this weekend.

The Games will be broadcasted on ESPN. The first event has not been announced but the location has! All athletes will report to “the beach”. Will there be a swim? Will they have to do something in the sand? No one knows but we do know the Games begin Wednesday, July 23rd.

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