Small Gains Will Make Big Changes

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After five weeks our deadlift cycle is coming to an end. Major faults have been eliminated, you’ve put in the work, and it is now time to re-test this aspect of your fitness. You will test your One rep maximum deadlift on Friday. Be sure to get lots of sleep tonight and fuel your body properly.

Your primary focus should be excellent technique. How you lift is just as important as how much.

Some of you, especially those who are new to CrossFit, may experience large gains. Others may experience only small gains. Five pounds may not sound like a lot, but great strength is always built in small increments. Imagine adding five to ten pounds to your lifts once or twice per year for the rest of your athletic career and those seemingly small gains become much more significant. Your strength, as well as every other aspect of your fitness, is not a short-term project.

Bring a positive attitude. Approach the bar saying “yes I can” and test your strength. Good luck!

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