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Firebird CrossFit Mesa AZ Exam WeekNext week is exam week, and if you are to get the most out of the experience, there are a few things we would like you to do to prepare.

  1. Download the Firebird CrossFit Athletic Levels and Milestones.  Make sure that you understand the level standards, know all of the movements, and have a general idea of what level you are aiming for.
  2. Download an example Score Card.  This will tell you what we are testing each day.  You will be provided with a score card Don’t panic!  There are WODs, lifts and several movements.  The longest WOD is 17 minutes and lifts are 1RM only.  Most single movement tests will be done in 2 minutes or less.  You will also receive rest as some tests are done in alternating partner teams.
  3. Weigh in before next week.  Many of the levels are calculated by % of your body weight.  We will have a scale in the gym, and you just step on it with a verifying coach.  We will write it on a form and share it with no one!
  4. Sign Up for class on the clipboards in the gym at least a day before your class.  This will allow your coaches to be extra organized in scaling and managing the group.
  5. Ask questions and be prepared with the movements BEFORE EXAM WEEK STARTS!  We will be moving very briskly from test to test that week, and we need your help and cooperation to keep things on track.

The tests are scheduled Monday to Friday with Saturday as a make-up day.  No matter how many times you come normally, you are welcome and encouraged to come EVERDAY that week.

After Exam Week is completed (if you completed all of your score card), you will receive a report card assessing your level and suggesting goals for the coming month.  You will also receive a silicone bracelet with the name of your level.  You are under a level (Recruit, CrossFitter, Firebreather, or Beast) if you pass 75% of the column that was tested.  This information will be great for your individual counseling session and shows you how to achieve a more well-rounded fitness level.  We are very excited to see how all of our students do!

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