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Firebird CrossFit will be hosting a Fantasy CrossFit Games league (or maybe two) this year.  The basic league rules will be similar to those of other fantasy sports: there will be a draft where managers will select athletes to be on their team for the season; teams will include starters and a bench, and rosters can be adjusted before each event; athletes will score points for their team in each event of the Open, Regionals, and Games; managers will be able to trade with other teams or pick up undrafted athletes to replace those who get injured or aren’t performing; teams will be matched up in head-to-head competitions each week; the team that wins the most matchups over the course of the season will be the league winner.

Depending on the level of interest there will be either one or two leagues with 8-10 managers in each. The Fantasy CrossFit season will begin with a draft in February before the start of the Open, and run through the end of the Games in July. The only requirements for participating are that you are a Firebird CrossFit member and that you (or someone representing you) show up at the gym in person to participate in the draft on Saturday, February 22. However, if you actually want to have a chance at winning, you will probably also need to do the following:

  • Review the performances of the ~100 athletes who went (or almost went) to the Games last year, so you know who’s worth drafting.
  • Be prepared and available at the appropriate times to adjust and submit your roster promptly after WODs are announced but before the roster change deadlines.
  • Monitor the standings of your athletes during the Open and Regionals so that you can replace those who aren’t doing well enough to make it to the next level (Regionals or Games).

This is a beta. The rules and scoring system are untested and may need to be adjusted along the way. Also, you may be familiar with the software that exists at sites like Yahoo and ESPN to help with managing fantasy sports leagues — we won’t have that (yet). The draft will take place in person at the gym, communications will be handled through email, and results and other info will be displayed via a Google Drive spreadsheet.

If you would like to participate, please email me at the address below. There are at most 20 spots available, and it’s first-come, first-served. If you are interested in doing a pay league despite the fact that it’s beta, let me know that as well.

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