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In case you missed it, we’re hosting a Fantasy CrossFit Games competition this year. Email me if you’re interested in participating.

Each participant in the competition will act as the manager of a team of individual CrossFit athletes (Rich Froning, Sam Briggs, etc.).  You will choose the athletes yourself as part of the fantasy draft in February.

Each fantasy team will have 8 athletes.  For each event of the season, 5 of those athletes will be your “starters”, and the other 3 will be your “bench”.  The starting “positions” are:

  • Individual Men (M) x 2
  • Individual Women (W) x 2
  • “Flex” (X) x 1

So, you could choose to start either three men and two women, or three women and two men.  Only starters can earn points for their team; athletes on the bench earn no points regardless of how well they finish.  You can — and should — adjust your roster before each event.

Your fantasy team earns points based on how well your starters finish in each WOD.  WODs in the Open and Regionals are scored by region and division; for example, “Open Week 1, Southern California, Individual Men”, “Open Week 1, Southern California, Individual Women”, and “Open Week 1, Europe, Individual Men” are all separate events with separate scores.  Once athletes get to the Games, however, region no longer matters and scoring will be by WOD and division (e.g. “Games WOD #5, Individual Women”).

An athlete who finishes first in an event will receive 30 points, 2nd place will get 29 points, and so on down to 30th place, which will earn 1 point.  Athletes who finish outside the top 30 will earn no points for that event.  Athletes will not earn points for masters or team events.

During the Open and Regionals, your team will be matched up against a different team each week.  If your starters score more points that week than the starters of the opposing team, then you get a win for that matchup.  During the Games, you’ll be matched up against a different team each day.

You’ll earn points for matchup wins (or ties), but the number of points earned per win will be weighted differently at different stages of the season.  (In the case of a tie, each team will earn 1/3 the points that a win would have given.)

Points per Matchup Win:

  • Open:  3
  • Regionals:  6
  • Games:  9

At the end of the season, the team with the most matchup points will be the league winner.

The Fantasy CrossFit season will officially end on the next-to-last day of the Games.  There will be no matchups on the final day of the Games, and WODs from the final day will not count towards the fantasy season.

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