The Old Pull Up Bars

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crossfit-vis-vires3Once upon a time, Firebird CrossFit was a group of 20 people who worked out in a parking lot and stored their equipment in the back of a MMA gym.  Some days, in the heat the smell of the grease traps of nearby restaurants would add intensity to our WODs.  There are still people with us today from that very humble beginning.  It is somewhat of a badge of honor to be able to joke about that now.

Changes come as we grow and as we have newer members they will not remember the good ol’ days.

Soon, we will be entering a new era of Firebird CrossFit.  I know for those of you who have been growing up with us, it seems a long time in coming.  But sooner than you think. You too will be reminiscence about our pull-up bars.

I know.  Our pull-up rig is totally ghetto now.  Certainly a step up from the super-heated three person rig we used to have, but it is definitely past its prime.

You will be happy to know that we finally have been able to move on getting super sexy new rigs.  Yes.  Not rig, rigs.

This was a longer process than we had hoped, but we have ‘bought’ our new rigs.  Where are they?  Yes, well they are custom and being built by a the local company TRU Strength.

We debated.  We thought about getting a standard CrossFit Rogue rig, but of course, we like to support local business, and TRU Strength is making rigs just for us- which include short-people bars (most rigs are standard height causing you to just have to suck it up and jump) and tall-people bars (a new shiny feature of the new rig).

And, we will have 9 racks instead of 6.  I am particularly excited about this.  It will be orange with grey bars for those of you worried about color coordination.  They will also have wall ball targets…so get ready.

We do appreciate your patience with our growth, and you will be happy to know that somewhere between 3 and 4 weeks, we are told we will have new rigs.  And then it will be cool to say…remember that old rig we had….

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