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In case you missed it, we’re hosting a Fantasy CrossFit Games competition this year. Email me if you’re interested in participating.

This year’s CrossFit Games season will have 17 regions, just like last year.  When deciding which athletes you want to draft for your fantasy team, it’s a good idea to choose athletes from different regions.  There are a several reasons for this.

As mentioned last week, fantasy scoring during the Open and Regionals is by WOD, region, and division.  This means that the more you have your athletes spread out over different regions, the more chances you have to get 1st place scores.  If all of your athletes are from the same region, for example, then you couldn’t possibly get more than two 1st place scores (1 for men and 1 for women) for any event.

Another reason for drafting from different regions is the Games.  Your athletes can’t score points in the Games if they don’t get invited to the Games, and only 1-3 men and women from each region will get invited.  If you over draft a particular region, some of your athletes won’t make it and you’ll be shorthanded for the final (and most important) matchups of the season.

The final reason has to do with the structure of Regionals.  Regionals takes place over four weekends, but any given region only competes during one of those weekends (see schedule below).  For example, Central East competes on Weekend 2; all of the athletes from Central East will do all of their regionals WODs that weekend, and those athletes will do nothing for the other three weekends.

Your fantasy team will be matched up against a different fantasy team for each weekend of Regionals.  If you have no athletes whose regions are competing on a particular weekend, then you will get no points that weekend and will probably lose that matchup.  So, not only should you try to draft athletes from different regions, you should probably try to make sure that those regions are spread out over different regional weekends as well.

As we get closer to draft day, we’ll post detailed stats for the athletes that have made it to the Games in recent years, including which region they’re from.

Regionals Schedule

Weekend 1: May 9-11

  • North Central
  • Canada West
  • South East
  • Latin America

Weekend 2: May 16-18

  • Central East
  • Canada East
  • North West
  • Europe
  • Australia

Weekend 3: May 23-25

  • Mid Atlantic
  • SoCal
  • South Central
  • Asia

Weekend 4: May 30-June 1

  • North East
  • NorCal
  • South West
  • Africa
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