Merry Christmas ya filthy Animals

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Special Holiday Schedule – No classes this week on the following days and times
Tuesday-Friday 9am and Noon
Thursday 530 Pm
Friday 430 Pm
Saturday December 30 – Open Gym
Monday Jan 1st – Gym Closed
Tuesday Jan 2nd – 530 Am

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Metcon (Time)


*Home Workout



Walking Lunges



*Home Workout



Walking Lunges

Merry Christmas, everyone!

If you want to make the workout a little spicier, you can either add a 200-400-m run between rounds, or 50 Double-unders between rounds.

The standard for the Groiner is that the front foot (toes) need to break the line of the hand (palm) at the top of the movement. The number of reps is total Groiners, so 40 would be 20 on each leg and so on.


Time to complete workout.

WOD Goal

Everyone: To get up and move on Christmas Day, because most likely the rest of the day will be spent either sitting, eating or sleeping (from too much eating!) It’s also a fun opportunity to connect with your family through movement, make them join in. Any of these movements can be done by non-CrossFitters!

Warmup ~ 10 mins

(5-10 min.) Run to the end of your street and back (200-400 m), or spend 2-4 min. Jumping Rope to get warm. Then perform:

10 air squats

5 6-point burpees (pause at each position for a second)

3 rounds

Workout Prep & Workout ~ 20 mins

(5 min.) Do a quick run through of each movement:

10 Groiners

10 Lunges

10 V-Ups or Sit-ups

(10-15 min.) Perform workout!

Warm Down ~ 5 mins

Jog for 5 min

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