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Style: "Agfa"With the all consuming excitement of Exam Week, I know it is hard to remember that this Saturday (February 2nd) is the Pot Luck and Learn for the upcoming Whole Life Challenge.  Just like last challenge, we will gather at the gym, and diet challenge veterans will bring amazing WLC approved dishes to share.

The Whole Life Challenge begins February 16th.  It is eight weeks of clean eating.  You will be able to track your scores and view the leader board both gym-wide and nation-wide daily online.  Much of the WLC is the same.  We will hold a kick-off WOD and measure everyone for their before scores.  At the end of eight weeks the most improved will again win prizes.

The Pot Luck and Learn will be from 11:30 to 1:00pm., Saturday, February 2nd.  We ask anyone willing to help initiate new comers to the WLC to bring a dish and lots of good advice .  We will be answering any questions about the challenge and helping people to sign up.  Yes, you may bring non-WLC approved beverages to celebrate the end of Exam Week if you like!  If you plan on coming, let us know by signing up for the event on Facebook.

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