The CrossFit Open

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Registration for the CrossFit Open begins January 30th.

What is the CrossFit Open, you ask?

It’s the most fiercely competitive and the most inclusive sporting event in history.

That’s all.

Anyone, anywhere in the world can register and compete for a spot in one of 17 Regional competitions leading to the CrossFit Games in July. Competitors will perform workouts over five weeks from March 6th until April 7th. Those workouts are either validated by an affiliate or by video submission. Last year, over 70,000 athletes completed the open and this year it could be more than a million. After each workout, athletes can see how they compare on each workout and overall with thousands of competitors all over the world.

Here’s 6 reasons you should do it:

Reason #1: Motivation. Let’s face it, you need a goal to motivate you to through the next three months of training. Commit to doing the open and you’ll have that focus.

Reason #2: The New Master’s Division. This year the Masters Divisions starts at 40! If you are between the ages of 40 and 44, you no longer have to compete with 22-year olds in the Open Divisions. Make the top 20 worldwide and you’re on your way to the Games. Even if that’s not happening this year, your performance is still measured against your own age group.

Reason #3: New Prizes. The male and female top performer in each workout will receive $2,013. The workout must be on video in order to be eligible for the prize.

Reason #4: Be Part of a Team. Affiliate teams qualify for Regionals based on the individual performances of affiliate athletes during the Open. Want to be on a team? Sign up for the Open.

Reason #5: Build Community. This year, we are going to make a big deal out of Open workouts. You’re going to want to be part of these special events which may also include workouts with athletes from other affiliates at our box or theirs.

Reasons #6: It’s Fun. When you sign up for the Open, you get to enjoy the anticipation while you wait for the next diabolically yet elegantly designed WOD to be announced, then hitting it hard with your fellow athletes, posting your performance and seeing how you stack up. Even if you’re a long shot for the regionals, it’s a blast.

So mark your calendars: Registration opens January 30th with the first WOD being announced March 6th.

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