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fran-PR-CrossFit_thumbThis coming week is a transition/testing week.  You may remember a our discussion some time ago about cycles of emphasis.  When you are trying to get better at CrossFit (which is basically everything), it is helpful to go through slight emphasis in strength and conditioning.  We just came out of a mini strength emphasis cycle, and we are entering a mini  emphasis on suck cycle.

Yes a suck cycle.

I know, you just thought that was all of CrossFit, but we are going to emphasize it for 3 weeks.

Basically, it will feel like old-school CrossFit to you.  It is important that you are very, very intense in all of your workouts for the next three weeks.  They are designed to help you increase your muscular endurance and your mental tenacity, but you have to do the actual pushing.  Try to make each WOD feel as awful as your first CrossFit WOD and you will be succeeding.

Since this is a test/transition week, you will see us transition from weight lifting each day to some weightlifting, but you will see longer WODs, multiple WODs, and of course, more running.  The running coincides nicely with better weather.

Of course, the big test comes Friday, with everyone’s favorite.  The CrossFit Total.  Be Prepared to PR just like some many amazing people did on Fran today!


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