What’s going on with BeyondtheWhiteboard?

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As a few of you may have noticed, we have stopped inputting our programmed WODs into Beyond the Whiteboard (Hereafter abbreviated as BTW).

Here’s why:

Although we have used BTW for as long as we’ve been CrossFitting,  our box and our programming have evolved.  It is more time consuming to input multiple tracks (Advanced, Intermediate, Beginners) and multi-WOD days.  It is sometimes impossible to program complex WOD formats (like Every Minute on the Minutes with alternating movements) and compound movements (like two position snatches or OHS complexes).

It just wasn’t a good use of our time. We want to spend time designing new workouts for you not doing data entry.

And here’s the other thing…very few Firebirds are using BTW. Only 13 athletes have used BTW in the last week.  Less than 20% have logged a workout in the last month.  Ten athletes haven’t  accepted their invite to use the service.

Clearly, this is not a good system.  We considered a carrot-and-stick approach, rewarding you for logging your WODs or punishing you if you didn’t (burpees, of course). But if the overwhelming majority of you don’t see the value of doing it without prodding, then maybe the tool is too cumbersome.

This is why we stopped inputting WODs and stopped inviting new members to use the service.

We are exploring some replacements for BTW including Logsitall, WODstack and SocialWOD. We’re not sure which way we will go, but the next service will have to track important data while being easier on both coaches and athletes. If you have a chance to check them out, tell us what you think.

While we investigate these other options, you will continue to be able to log your WODs and view your data under our BTW subscription- you’ll just have to create the WODs yourself if they aren’t already in BTW.   If we decide to cancel our subscription, and you don’t absolutely love the option we selected,  you will still have the option to subscribe to BTW as an individual for $3/month.


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